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                                  Freda People

Freda People Art are David Salvador and Javier Salvador, 2 young brothers from Barcelona, Spain. Hidden behind a mask their faces have never been seen.

From their early years they felt great attraction for art in all its aspects, they began painting in the street, inspired by artists like Keith Haring, Basquiat, Picasso, or Dali, while to earn a living they continued practicing their art, in their own studio of tattoo.

His works are in galleries in the United States, France, Austria, Germany, Finland.

They have collaborated on paintings with the actor and painter Jordi Mollà in Miami, 2020.

With an eclectic style they paint, make sculptures and collage, they have sold more than a thousand works around the world.

They usually participate in exhibitions and galleries in Barcelona, where they currently work, although their works have been sold in places such as United States, Mexico, Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Uk, Hungary, Romania, Japan, Estonia, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, China.


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